Bigneat is an established world-class manufacturer and leading global provider of clean air and laboratory fume hoods and systems for use in scientific laboratories and in industry.

Applications for Bigneat products cover operator and process/sample protection during laboratory experimentation, batch and on-line production processes.

Bigneat’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years designing and manufacturing high performance air movement systems utilising Carbon and HEPA filtration technology for capture and removal of airborne hazards both fume and particulate.

Clients include pharmaceutical companies (drug discovery), biological, chemical, electronics, food, government, nanotechnology, university departments – for use in a broad range of activities. In industry, particularly the pharmaceutical industry for QA laboratories and for sterile production areas.

As an original equipment manufacturer Bigneat also develops and manufactures equipment that is distributed by third party companies.

Bigneat in the US

Bigneat has a highly pro-active sales team headed up by Brian Phillips (General Manager Sales & Service). Deliveries are prompt and our equipment, which is manufactured in the UK and the US, is flat packed for minimum freighting volume. Bigneat typically delivers standard products 4 weeks from order placement.

After sales service and technical support is headed up by Tom Stevens – his service team undertakes on-site Equipment Care. Tom has many years of hands-on experience and he will satisfy the need for regular and one-off maintenance and servicing. From the West to East Coast Tom’s aim is to ensure Bigneat equipment operates to design specification at all times.

Why we are different

why-we-are-different-h251Bigneat enclosure systems are recognized to be significantly different to that of other companies who also offer solutions to the pharmaceutical and drug discovery sciences market. Bigneat enclosures are: 1) Compact, 2) Space Saving, 3) Have all round visibility 4) Have easier access to the working platform.

Whatever your need, be it a custom designed enclosure, or a standard sized hood to enclose laboratory automation or apparatus, Bigneat should be your first point of contact.

Bigneat in Europe – see us at upcoming events

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Bigneat on the web

Bigneat has two other websites:

www.bigneat.com and www.safetyfumehoods.com





A hood design for protecting the operator from
moving automated equipment and potentially
hazardous fumes and particulates released from
the enclosed processes.


Biological Protection

Biological levels of protection: for the operator
and also for protection of the enclosed process/materials. Improve the reliability of your process with a Bigneat hood


Custom Designed Laboratory Enclosures

Custom Structures, Walk-In hoods and dedicated
small cleanrooms. Shown is an enclosure with three
different specifications of clean air, the further you
walk in so each area becomes cleaner