Bigneat opens for direct business in North America.

OCT 22nd, 2014 Company News, Company Update, General News

Bigneat will now be supporting users of its laboratory automation enclosures and ductless fume hoods with a newly formed team to concentrate on all North American customers.

Bigneat is a world leading manufacturer of hoods and enclosures that provide user and process protection during experimentation and laboratory research procedures. Following a period of growth in demand for its equipment, with a significant increase in the number of users and a wide geographic distribution of installations across North America, Bigneat realized the need to open its first US office to support these customers directly. The Bigneat North American operation brings together a new team with extensive experience and combined knowledge to be responsive to customer needs.

Brian Phillips joins the team as North America General Manager, Sales and Service. With more than 14 years of experience in sales and support of laboratory equipment for the drug development community, and over 10 years working with Bigneat in an earlier role as the Director of Containment Technologies for a US distribution company, he brings a wealth of knowledge of air system engineering and containment to Bigneat and a driven attitude which comes naturally to him.

Chuck Herrmann joins as North America Service Manager and will be responsible for all on-site equipment care and maintenance. Chuck has had many years of hands-on experience with Bigneat containment products and installations. He will manage all on-site services including service contracts, T&M work, and installations. Much of Bigneat’s equipment is custom built or designed to the particular specifications for each customer, and Chuck will ensure that all Bigneat equipment meets the original designed specifications.

Bigneat has been successfully selling and supporting equipment delivered to North America for more than 20 years. A dedicated group based in the UK will support the North American team, working with the experienced and highly skilled engineering department to design and build high quality containment solutions for the US market. Bigneat employs approximately 50 people at the manufacturing facility based in Waterlooville, Hampshire in southern England.

Bigneat’s expertise lies in the design and manufacture of high performance air movement and containment systems. These systems utilize Carbon and/or HEPA filtration technology to capture and safely remove airborne hazards such as fumes and particulates. Bigneat laboratory automation enclosures thus provide a safe user environment, sterile/clean air for process protection or controlled atmosphere to suit a wide variety of applications in the Life Sciences, Drug Development, and Manufacturing markets.

Brian Phillips is optimistic about his new role at Bigneat. “I am really pleased to be working for Bigneat and with their people again. I worked with them for more than ten years and have supervised hundreds of different quality installations at various customer research sites in Canada and the US during that time. Since joining Bigneat directly, I have been able to reacquaint myself with many of the Bigneat customers I had worked with. I look forward to working with those same customers again, and helping them build and grow their business, while growing Bigneat’s business in the North American market.”

Bigneat Ltd manufactures clean air and hazard containment equipment for Hospitals, Laboratories, Schools and Industry including; Fume Cabinets (Ductless), Fume Cupboards, Dust and Fume Arm Extraction Systems, Biological Safety Cabinets, Chemical Storage Systems, Controlled Atmosphere Enclosures and Gloveboxes, Laminar Flow Workstations, Modular Clean Rooms, PCR Workstations, Powder Weighing Cabinets, Robotics System & Laboratory Automation Enclosures.