Biosafety Hoods


BIGNEAT offers a wide range of enclosures for laboratory automation and robotic systems to meet the ever increasing demand in the Pharmaceutical industry for rapid throughput and reliability of biologically sensitive processes and associated bio-hazards.

Biological robotics enclosures are available in a variety of styles and levels of protection, operating to Class II biological safety cabinet containment performance or Class 100 air conditions – bespoke built and finished enclosures, sizes from a few square metres to large 7 x 4m enclosures.

LA Range robotics enclosures are built to exact specifications to suit the needs of your automated process.

 The containment of laboratory apparatus, high throughput laboratory automation, cell culture equipment, drug discovery robotics, liquid handling workstations and instrumentation for genomics, proteomics and diagnostics.

LA Range types suitable for biological/Biosafety applications:

LAPP – Clean air cabinet offering sterile conditions, non-hazardous biological applications – more>>

LABS – Cleanair system offering process and operator protection in the one unit – more>>

LAC2 – Working to similar air-mix ratios and flow patterns as a traditional Class II, this cabinet offers class II levels of  performance in a much larger design of enclosure – more>>

Envirocool – Chilled clean air cabinet offering sterile conditions, controlled temperature – more>>