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Bigneat opens for direct business in North America.

0 comment OCT 22nd, 2014 Company News, Company Update, General News

Bigneat will now be supporting users of its laboratory automation enclosures and ductless fume hoods with a newly formed team to concentrate on all North American customers. Bigneat is a world leading manufacturer of hoods and enclosures that provide user and process protection during experimentation and laboratory research procedures. Following a period of growth in demand for its equipment, with a significant increase in the number of users and a wide geographic distribution of installations across North America,


Take a look at ductless fume hoods

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When additional operator protection from fumes and chemical vapours is required in the laboratory and space in fume cupboards is running low, then a portable ductless hood can be a suitable alternative to a conventional hood. When handling chemicals in the laboratory it is imperative for the health of laboratory staff to avoid inhalation of potentially harmful substances and to work in an environment where the fumes and vapors are safely removed. There are two types of safety hoods that may be used for laboratory handlings;