Chemcap Clearview Hoods are easy to assemble

MAY 13th, 2015 Uncategorized

Bigneat knows that not everyone takes naturally to the idea of ‘do-it-yourself’. However, the easy-to-follow instructions and detailed diagrams in their new ‘Shortform User Manual’ show how easy it is to self-assemble your own ductless fume hood, whether you’re a flat-pack furniture novice or ‘build-your-own’ virtuoso.


Bigneat has been shipping its fume hoods around the World for many years. A large percentage of Bigneat hoods are sold overseas and it is comforting for these recipients to know that Bigneat hoods can be quickly and easily assembled on site, allowing them (or their customer) to get straight down to handling hazardous chemicals in a safe environment.

Bigneat’s new shortform user manual has been designed to show you in advance of you making a purchase just how easy the set-up and use of a Chemcap Clearview hood is going to be. Bigneat also provides a full assembly and operation manual which is shipped with every hood leaving the factory which includes statements about legislation, the Fume Hood Standards that are met, the electrical certification, expectations for airflow in safety fume hood systems and a full set of assembly instructions.

Click here to download and view Bigneat’s shortform user manual.

Once set up a Bigneat Chemcap Clearview Ductless Fume hood is simple to operate. There are just three steps:

– Close and secure front door, press the FAN key on the control panel to ON.
– For extra light, press LIGHT key on the panel to ON (Light LED will illuminate).
– Once the airflow has stabilised the low air flow alarm monitor will indicate AIRSAFE and the hood is now ready to be used.

In addition to shortform user manuals being available for Chemcap Clearview ductless fume hoods, Bigneat has also produced manuals for powder weighing stations. Bigneat Ltd manufactures clean air and hazard containment equipment for industry, hospitals, laboratories, schools and industry.

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