Clean Air Enclosures and Containment Systems


For robotics systems, laboratory automation, analytical systems and other laboratory apparatus, for biological or chemical hazards – or both.

Bigneat is the world’s leading supplier of enclosures and containment systems to the Pharmaceutical industry, Life Sciences and Drug Development sciences. We offer a range of enclosures for effective protection from hazards such as fumes, dusts and biohazards.

By the effective removal of chemical fumes using ducted or recirculatory filtration technology we provide OPERATOR protection. Models: LAOP – more>>

Class 100 clean air systems prevent SAMPLE/PROCESS contamination. Models: LAPP – more>>

We manufacture a range of custom built enclosures of CLASS II principle, that offer both OPERATOR and PRODUCT protection – typically for biological control. Models: LABS – more>> and LAC2 – more>>

Key applications include

The containment of laboratory apparatus, high throughput laboratory automation, cell culture equipment, drug discovery robotics, liquid handling workstations and instrumentation for genomics, proteomics and diagnostics.
Improve the reliability of your process.

Key reasons for considering a LA Range clean air enclosure


Mobile or easily relocatable
Ductless installation does not affect pressures and flows in existing ducted systems
Avoids need for new cleanroom facilities
Releases fume cupboard space
All-round visibility
Compact enclosure solution

Options include

Climatic control
Slide out trays and shelves, (easy removal of equipment, access when servicing)
Emergency stop control
Mechanical and electronic interlocks
Variety ofdoor arrangements, (sliding, wardrobe, bi-folding, vertically folding)
Leaded acrylic windows (for protection from radiation)
Controlled atmosphere
UV lamps for sterilisation
Safe waste management

From concept to design and build, we work as your technology partner to provide a bespoke solution for your process.