Controlled Environment Enclosures and Hoods

BCTH-green-borderBigneat designs, manufactures and installs enclosures providing precision stable conditions, temperature, humidity with clean air. In the Bigneat Hypoxic glove box enclosure, the atmosphere is additionally purged with nitrogen to reduce oxygen levels.

Precision results are assured when using laboratory analytical equipment, which is enclosed within a high-purity clean air enclosure with controlled humidity and temperature conditions, which are stable at all times irrespective of fluctuations in the surrounding laboratory environment.

Humidity <1%-85% RH
Clean Air ISO Class 5 to EN14644
Temperature 39ºF-104ºF
Aerobic, hypoxic or anaerobic conditions

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Key feature of these cabinets: Eliminates the need for a clean room – space saving and compact system with a small footprint.