Vacancy – East Coast based Mid-Atlantic Service Engineer.

NEW POSITION – Please contact Brian Phillips if you are interested. Bigneat Ltd is leading global high-quality manufacturer of custom and standard designs in clean air, ductless fume hoods, and custom robotic containment enclosures. Our installed base can be found in the R&D segments of the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Government, University, Industrial, and Animal Health markets. Our new North American factory direct operation requires courteous, motivated, loyal, and detail oriented people...

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Chemcap Clearview Hoods are easy to assemble

Bigneat knows that not everyone takes naturally to the idea of ‘do-it-yourself’. However, the easy-to-follow instructions and detailed diagrams in their new ‘Shortform User Manual’ show how easy it is to self-assemble your own ductless fume hood, whether you’re a flat-pack furniture novice or ‘build-your-own’ virtuoso. LEARN MORE ABOUT BIGNEAT CHEMCAP CLEARVIEW ON WWW.SAFETYFUMEHOODS.COM > Bigneat has been shipping its fume hoods around the World for many years. A large percentage...

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Bigneat opens for direct business in North America.

Bigneat will now be supporting users of its laboratory automation enclosures and ductless fume hoods with a newly formed team to concentrate on all North American customers. Bigneat is a world leading manufacturer of hoods and enclosures that provide user and process protection during experimentation and laboratory research procedures. Following a period of growth in demand for its equipment, with a significant increase in the number of users and a wide geographic distribution of installations...

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A LABS enclosure by Bigneat.

Bigneat LABS hoods (Laboratory Automation Biological System) for live cell applications and bio-hazards.

LABS biological safety enclosure satisfies the demanding protection levels required in processes involving live cells, which previously could only be provided by smaller Class II cabinets. Background Screening of large numbers of potential anti-cancer drugs is an example of a typical procedure in drug development and it has been helped by the design of a new generation of robots which can pipette 96 or 384 samples at one time. For cell work, where there is a need for both operator and sample...

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Formalin Dispensing Station now supplied as a complete, ready to use system.

For many years, Bigneat Chemcap Ductless Fume Hoods have been used for the dispensing of Formalin and benefiting from the high retention capacity of Chemcap carbon filters optimised for formaldehyde. Now Bigneat has adapted its most popular model of ductless fume hood to incorporate the equipment required to provide the user with an accessible and safe environment in which to work and ready prepared for the dispensing of this toxic liquid. Formalin has a strong smell due to the off gassing of...

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