Walk-in Systems for Operator Protection


Bigneat’s design team is highly experienced and provides solutions for enclosing robotics systems from manufacturers of laboratory automation around the world. These systems provide operator, sample/process protection or both for floor mounted systems and include options and finishing to suit your robotics system and your particular unique contained process.

The choice is yours…

Enclosure sizes up to 7×4 metres.
Choose your access options.
Specify cable/tubing connections required.
Choose the colour of your enclosure.
Consider integrating your robotic system into the enclosure.



For protection of operators
from potentially hazardous fumes
(Chemcap carbon filtration) and
particulates (HEPA filtration) released
from the enclosed process.
Bio-safety – provides for
operator protection from hazardous
aerosols and particles whilst providing
product protection from contaminants
entering the enclosure when in
operation with all doors closed.
For protection of
sample/process. HEPA filtered
downflow sterile ISO Class 5 Clean
Air ensures protection of the
contained system.
Performance to Class II levels
of biological protection in closed or
open conditions. For operator and
sample/process protection.

walk-in-system-1ENCLOSURE FEATURES

Great ergonomics with access to all sides of the enclosure
Excellent all-round visibility of the enclosed system
Easy touch, state-of-the-art control system – displays enclosure status and controls airflow system balance, hour counter.
Display and/or lighting beacons mounted to enclosure exterior shows status of enclosed robotic system
Audible and visual alarm indication of low airflow
Door open warning Ventilated waste management.
Ventilated waste management


  • Automated transfer port.
  • Branding and decorative features within acrylic windows.
  • Chemcap OS carbon filtration.
  • Computer shelf on flexible arm.
  • Electrical sockets to suit.
  • Feature and coloured lighting.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (or alternative fumigation) connections (night doors removed for normal operation).
  • Integrated robot system safety switches.
  • Storage and shelving to suit.
  • Universal control panel.
  • UV lighting, linked to timed on/off facility within control system.
  • Variety of door choices.
  • Ventilated air lock transfer station.
  • Ventilated waste tips & plates container.